Transportation sector review

Progression and projections 2006-2030

    Most emitting provinces

  • Transportation is crucial, with a global footprint over 182 Mt of CO2 eq. in 2012 and an increase in the trucking sector. The Government proposes to adopt new measures to bring less polluting vehicles to the market (cars, SUVs, and more recently heavy-duty trucks on road and buses). These measures will take effect for new vehicles from 2018.


Among the many unimplemented measures possible, we've tried:
  • an intervention at the market with a bonus-malus Act to promote the purchase of greener vehicles, (a successful measure in Europe),
  • the promotion of electric vehicles under the California's Program (Zero Emission Vehicle -ZEV),
  • taking into account of all types of trucks and heavy vehicles in the next manufacturing standards, (including on road and off road vehicles).

Measure 1: establish a Bonus-Malus system, including SUVs
Measure 2: Laws and Incentives to encourage drivers to buy electric cars
Measure 3: generalisation of the more efficient model's standards to
.......all heavy-duty vehicles