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In accordance with the international climate agenda, Canadian federal and provincial governments have periodically set greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets. In May 2015, for example, Canada committed to reducing its GHG emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 but, for the time being, has failed to reverse the overall upward trend in emissions affecting climate.

Everyone is concerned!

Each provincial or federal action plan proposed measures to reduce the carbon footprint, often with quantification of expected targets, but little follow-up of these actions occurs. There is no audit process to periodically make a clear assessment of the actions taken with respect to the objectives and other contextual elements. And yet, the spectrum of GHG emissions covers multiple aspects of our economy and society, and so will the measures chosen.

a first version of a synthetic review tool

To bring some clarity to the current situation, we propose to compile the open data to build publicly available synthetic tools. We're establishing an overall picture to facilitate the review of objectives to be set and actions to be taken. This graphical interface show some of the results of our tool, the CO2manager. Our first version of CO2manager included the progression of the components of GHG emissions in Canada, contained configurable projections and a simulation of the effects of emission reduction measures.

You can help us

We hope to expand this tool and make a more comprehensive application to support multi-level analysis and decision-making.
Share the application, follow us on Facebook, communicate with us by writing to info@co2canada.net. You can help us by participating financially and by making a donation to the Cadet organization.

Walking for climate

All around the world, social movements are taking actions before and during the Paris Climate Conference! See the US March for climate and Canadian events.

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Cadet (french acronym for Support Centre for a Territorial Sustainable Development) is a nonprofit organization based in Montreal. It aims to support sustainable development initiatives rooted in a territory.