Power generation sector review

Progression and projections 2006-2030


    Most emitting provinces

  • The power generation sector emits less greenhouse gases since 2006 through the efforts of several provinces to reduce coal use (Ontario, British Columbia.) Yet there remains much to do in other provinces. The replacement of coal is usually done by gas, more rarely by bio-processes, and the contribution of renewable energy remains negligible (excluding hydropower).


As several provinces have shown, it is possible to reduce significantly the carbon footprint of power generation by replacing coal with other sources.
Ontario could therefore be an example for provinces that have conducted little or no energy system change (Alberta, Saskatchewan).
Canada could develop renewable energy sources in place of others and improve the performance of its existing facilities.

Measure 1: Amplifier le remplacement du charbon et du mazout
Measure 2: develop renewable energy sources
Measure 3: improve the performance of naturel gas facilities
.......(proposed action for 2030)