Sectors of buildings, commerces, institutions and waste review

Progression and projections 2006-2030

Most emitting provinces

The multi-sector of buildings, institutions commerces and waste has made some mitigation progress, which are more significant in some provinces. Some actors in the category "commerces and institutions" have improved their footprint with enhancing energy efficiency, in particular when they adopt sustainable development plans.

As is shown in several provinces and particularly in Quebec, efforts in the waste sector could decrease emissions, however they still are on the rise elsewhere.


Many measures will enable us to act effectively to varying degrees, for exemple: Energy efficiency of buildings can be greatly enhanced by plans for the residential, commercial and institutional (support for renovations, replacement of equipment ...)
Quebec could serve as an example to the provinces that have made little or no gains in waste management.

Measure 1: improving the energy efficiency of buildings
.......(residential, commercial and institutional)
Measure 2: replace HFCs with less emitting gases
.......(proposed action for 2030)
Measure 3: Reduce landfill and increase recycling and heat recovery
.......from incineration